I finished uploading all whopping 14 entries to the Webcomic! contest and you can now visit the Webcomic! flickr gallery. After you’re done reading them, visit the forum thread to cast your vote. Voting will end on or around 7 February 2006.

Update: There are 4 lights! I mean, there are now 14 entries to browse through. I accidentally left off Lights’ entry. And if you can quote me a part of this post and where it came from, I’ll send you a free mini set. Email me your entry.

Update 2: Okay, Ryan was the first person to send me the correct answer. Google makes things too easy sometimes…. the Ultra-fast Lightning-round Giveaway is now closed, so don’t email me. Really. Oh yeah, and in case you were wondering what the contest was: the quote is “There are 4 lights!” and it is from one of the better Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes, “Chain of Command”.

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