Side note: I had a draft of this post since forever and am now finally getting around to it. Yep, ever since Toy Fair.

I updated each of the theme’s posts with some of the videos I took showcasing some of the play features but I thought I’d repost them here in case anyone reading this didn’t go back.

The one video that I couldn’t find a home for was The Rexcelsior, posted above. It shows a little more of the play features that never made it through the press release. More Star Wars stuff below.

75239 Action Battle Hoth Generator Attack

These worked about as well as you think they would.

75236 Duel on Starkiller Base

Something occurred to me as I rewatched this video. Why hasn’t the Star Wars license adopted the BeyBlade-style Spinjitzu toy feature from Ninjago? Seems like it would be fitting.

75937 Triceratops Rampage

I’m pretty sure I made a comment before about the Fairground Mixer being a great set to take out some aggression on. You can just really crank away at it and have the Mixer spin and spin. This kiddie ride, using the gigantic gears, felt just as satisfying in my test run.

75243 Slave I – 20th Anniversary Edition

I didn’t notice until late during the preview party that the Slave I set housed a pair of missile launchers I couldn’t figure out how they launched so I enlisted Erik’s help. I was never a fan of the missile launchers, maybe I’m too old to appreciate their play value, but I do appreciate the ways they can be incorporated without being overly conspicuous.

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