Go To Force Friday Midnight Opening At TRU, Get A Brick


For years now, Toys’R’Us has done a big midnight madness sale to push Star Wars products coinciding with every new movie release. And for years I’ve been going, waiting in line, pushing my little cart around, and filling it up with all sorts of toys. I was hoping to avoid Force Friday, which is this Friday September 4th, 2015, since I don’t really collect anything Star Wars related other than LEGO but based on this page on the Toys’R’Us website, it looks like I have a reason to go. Customers attending the festivities will receive a free poster and a free LEGO commemorative brick. Instagram user what_the_brick posted a picture of said commemorative brick, seen above, late yesterday. Not sure what the poster looks like but since it’s not listed as a LEGO poster I’m not sure I care to find out.

Force Friday begins 12:01am Friday September 4th, 2015. And just to be clear, that would be Thursday midnight going into Friday. See y’all in line!