If you’re lamenting the unavailability of 21303 WALL•E, you can still get your new LEGO set fix by picking up this year’s LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. I forgot this went on sale yesterday but no matter, it’s still available right now from Amazon and LEGO [email protected]. The asking price is $39.99 from both places.

If you want the other Advent Calendars, 60099 City (Amazon | [email protected]) and 41102 Friends (Amazon | [email protected]) calendars are also available. Both of those calendars are priced at $29.99.

And finally, what is, in my opinion, the best CMF line to date, Series 14 Monsters is now available from LEGO [email protected] Those are $3.99 a pop and there’s a quantity limit of 32 per order.

Too much good stuff out right now.