Drum roll, please!


Santa Vader, just slip a saber under the tree for me;
Been an awful good Jedi, Santa Vader,
So hurry through the blast doors tonight.

And finally, we’ve reached the last day of our advent adventure, and we get our second unique, holiday-themed minifig in the form of Santa Vader. He’s got a custom torso with white hands, legs, and a red cape. Those of you lucky enough to have a red Vader helmet will rejoice in finally having an appropriate figure to place it on. He also comes with a bag of presents for all of the younglings at the Jedi Temple- oh wait…

With Luke and Vader both being present, they can now go to the fireplace and pick up their respective lightsabers for their annual holiday duel. Or maybe that’s where they put them at the end of a long day dueling each other. Like a lightsaber coat rack, except just for lightsabers, a lightsaber rack if you will…

After yesterday’s disappointing build it’s nice to cap off the month with the figure. He’s right at home with all of the other holiday minifigs from prevoius years and with all the red and white, he’s not so menacing.


And that’s that. It’s been great fun doing these daily builds and my sincerest thanks go to you for tuning in daily to see the build, my commentary, or both.