The second Ghostbuster themed project to achieve 10,000 votes is actually the first of the two, posted over a year before Brent Waller’s 30th Anniversary that hit 10,000 a couple weeks ago. TeeKay’s project means that this will not only be the largest review sample so far, but the first time a single theme has had two separate projects in the same review. It could potentially be the last time too for all we know. All I know is that if 20,000 fans (admittedly that could be the same 10,000 fans voting for the same theme twice) doesn’t prove to LEGO that we want a Ghostbusters set, I’m going to be very disappointed. Let’s hope the recent toy releases mean the rights to this property will prove easy for LEGO to secure. I really have to say though, I find it odd that in both projects Ray looks more like Karl Urban then Dan Aykroyd. Does Elwood really look that generic?