If you like thinking with portals then there is now a chance you may be building with them in the future. If my count is correct this makes four video game licenses to reach the 10,000 mark and I doubt they will be the last. Team Jigsaw certainly put a lot of effort into their pitch and that along with fan support was probably what helped them through the rocky start that almost wasn’t and the two swift weeks of voting that have followed. I’m not sure what in this property would end up being made into a set, but I bet if it ended up as a Companion Cube LEGO would probably end up selling quite a few. It will be some time before we see a decision on this one as the deadline for the next quarterly review doesn’t even close until September 3rd. Based on the breakdown of review times on CUUSOO’s blog it sounds like the last review may still be a month or more so stay tuned.