It’s finally over! The last polls ended a few hours ago and here are the final results:

In first place, pulling ahead with 82% of the final poll, BrickJunkie’s S-Wing “Sue Ann” piloted by Jud raynor:
Complete with rotating blades underneath. Awesome play feature that I’m sure helped sway more than a few voters.

Slithering into second, majortom’s Spirilium Stealth fighter with Hando Tanstarii:
ImageA pretty wild design and one of the most interesting cockpits in the contest to boot.

And lastly, taking third place with 84% of the runners up poll, halfbeak’s V-Wing piloted by Pokludix Zaa:
ImageExcellent use of the Christmas ornament ball and eye catching colorscheme.

I want to again thank everyone who participated for their hard work building all these crazy ships and trudging through the myriad of polls for the past two months. These contests would be nothing without your involvement and support, and you never fail to impress. Congratulations to the winners, and good luck to everyone in the next contest whenever I recover from the exhaustion this one brought on.