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Ace Kim | August 5th, 2014 | Off Topic

[SDCC] Clone Brand Building Blocks at San Diego Comic Con

Battle Changers Starscream

Comic Con came and went, and while it’s been over week since I’ve bid farewell to the last day of the Con, I’m not done reporting the news. I got a few more SDCC-centric posts to do so let’s get to it.

LEGO wasn’t the only building block company at this year’s Con. Clone brands were well represented by two other big brands and one newcomer to the scene that made its debut at the show. Hasbro leveraged their gigantic booth to showcase their Kre-o line. Megabloks had a tiny booth space. And the biggest surprise of the show was Todd McFarlane announcing his Walking Dead building block toy line.


Ken Robichaud | February 20th, 2013 | News

NY Toy Fair 2013: Hasbro’s Construction Sets

KRE-O Kreons

Hasbro expands their KRE-O brand this year with the much talked about Star Trek license and finally releases sets based on thier GI Joe property, but that’s not all they’re up to. Check out the full report after the jump if you’re interested in what LEGO’s latest “serious” competition is doing in 2013.

Ryan "chief" Wood | February 16th, 2011 | News

Kre-O and the Elephant in the Room

You might have heard by now. There’s a new line of toys preparing to transform and roll out to construction toy aisles from #2 US toy maker Hasbro. The line is called Kre-O, and it’s debut theme is Transformers.


At the American International Toy Fair this weekend in New York, Hasbro debuted their new line of brick-based building sets. Although security was pretty heavy in Hasbro’s venue for the press event, extra care was given to Kre-O: segregated from the rest of Hasbro’s offerings, surrounded by security guards and behind an extra set of doors and with strict no photography rules (the exception being one media outlet given the chance to shoot some exclusive video) Ace and I got to spend a good half hour with the first wave of sets that will launch this fall.