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Ace Kim | October 8th, 2011 | Events, LEGO

Brickcon Wrap Up: Exhibit Hall


I finally got around to uploading my pics from the exhibit hall at Brickcon 2011. You’ll have to pardon the lack of description or appropriate titles. Unfortunately my camera battery ran out before I could finish and stupid me left my battery charger at home. D’oh. Anyways, I had a blast and am looking forward to next year’s event. Though mind blowing, the exhibit hall was such a minor part of the whole experience. I found the building competitions, panels, and after hours get togethers to be the most interesting and fun parts of the con. If you want to take a peek at all the awesome that was the exhibit hall, there’s a set for that with 275 pictures for you to browse through. For even more pictures, there’s a group for that.

Ace Kim | September 27th, 2011 | Events, LEGO

Brickcon Is Right Around The Corner!

Anybody Excited?

This weekend, starting Thursday September 29 going through Sunday October 2, Northwest Brickcon will be in full swing in Seattle, Washington. This will be my first AFOL convention and I’m pretty excited about attending. If you plan on going as a registered attendee, Andrew over at Brothers Brick posted this handy dandy article about how to prepare for the trip, everything from packing your MOCs to the cheapest way of getting from the airport to the convention hall. If you plan on going for the exhibition, the public days are Saturday 10am to 4pm and Sunday 9am to 3pm.

If on Sunday you find yourself looking for something to do, join me and Andrew as we will be co-hosting a panel. On Sunday October 2, from 2pm to 3pm, we’ll be hosting “LEGO Blogging with FBTB & TBB”. The full description reads as follows:

Join Ace Kim of From Bricks to Bothans and Andrew Becraft from The Brothers Brick, along with their crews, for what is sure to be a lively panel discussion about running two of the most popular LEGO fan sites on the web. Learn how the sites got started and some of the things they’ve learned along the way, from how to pay the bills to moderating an ever-growing community.

Yeah, I’m pretty nervous. So come out and learn all our secrets. Ask a question and you may walk away with a T-shirt. Look for us in Orcas aka Classroom A.

Ryan "chief" Wood | October 16th, 2009 | Events, News

BrickCon 2009 Recap (and Toy Story News!)

Well, it’s come and gone. BrickCon 2009, the best Lego convention this side of the Mississippi (until “Bricks by the Border” in SoCal in 2011, mark your calendars) was a blur that I’m still recovering from. And so I bring you a belated recap post.

First, the sad news. There was no BothCon this year. The absence of Mike “Count Blockula” Crowley and Don “Don Solo” Solo took quite a bit of wind out of the sails for any potential plans, and we had to pass on the festivities this year. If you want another BothCon, send them your money so they can help me run our little private FBTB party again! ;)

But oh! Good news! Lego presented us with some Toy Story set news and stills. This not-so-intrepid photographer doesn’t have great pictures of the slideshow itself, but I bear gifts of set numbers (with links to the aforementioned not-so-great shots) and followed by much nicer shots of the sets in their display case (photography by Sean Forbes used with permission)

A 6th set, 7591 Construct-a-Zurg, was also shown.

Random tidbit: Toy Story 1 and 2 sets will be branded “Toy Story” with a unified box design. When Toy Story 3 premieres later next year, it will feature its own branding and box design.

More sad news! I didn’t get a 8038 Battle of Endor at the 50% off “scratch n’ dent” sale. Others luckier than me got their hot little hands on them first.

Excellent news: as per Steve Witt’s Q&A, the Star Wars line is going nowhere. Someone on the other side of the room who mumbled like my toothless grandma asked an indecipherable question about the fate of our beloved Star Wars sets when the license ends. The intrepid Witt responded with comments about SW being one of Lego’s most stable and profitable lines, and no one need fear it’s departure anytime soon.

Negativity: the new set revealed wasn’t the UCS Max Rebo Band, as was popularly theorized. Maybe next year, Bothans…