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Ace Kim | December 7th, 2013 | DC Universe, LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, Sales News

Amazon Discounts Super Heroes Sets

76000 Arctic Batman vs. Mr Freeze: Aquaman on Ice

Amazon is discounting a bunch of DC and Marvel Super Heroes sets ranging fom 25-35% off or more! Now’s the time for people like me who procrastinated on picking these up to stock up before they’re discontinued for good. If you haven’t picked up the Arctic Batman set yet, or if you did and you got the typo version, the ones that are shipping out now should be the ones with the corrected set name, “Arctic” instead of “Artic”.

DC Universe Super Heroes

Marvel Super Heroes

Ace Kim | November 29th, 2013 | LEGO, Sales News

Amazon Has LEGO on Today’s Gold Box Deals

9474 The Battle of Helm's Deep

If you’re like me and stuck at home today cause you’re watching the kids and don’t want to go out in the rain, you can take advantage of several LEGO deals in Amazon’s Gold Box. The sets vary across themes and price points but I’m sure there will be things you’ll want to pick up. Gold Box deals tend to be claimed in a seconds so act fast on that mouse. A couple of upcoming deals include 76008 Iron Man vs. The Mandarin Ultimate Showdown, 21103 The DeLorean Time Machine, 79104 The Shellraiser Street Chase, and 9474 The Battle of Helm’s Deep just to name a few. The Gold Box price will be an additional discount on Amazon’s current selling price for the set.

Thanks again to Gooker1 for the tip.

Ken Robichaud | April 5th, 2013 | LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, Reviews

Review: 76008 Iron Man Vs. The Mandarin Ultimate Showdown

1. Overview

Ultimate Showdown. The name inspires visions of an epic battle between the Armoured Avenger and his megalomaniacal archenemy that would tax the limits of the two foes abilities and resources, ending in chaos, destruction and a spectacular defeat for one side or the other.

Alternately: This.

Ace Kim | March 9th, 2013 | LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, Sales News

Amazon Restocks and Discounts Iron Man vs. Mandarin Set

Title says it all. Amazon has restocked and also discounted 76008 Iron Man vs. The Mandarin Ultimate Showdown. MSRP is $12.99 but you can pick up this set for just $10.92. And this is where being an Amazon Prime member pays off. No minimum order for 2-day shipping. Amazon has also restocked 76007 Iron Man Malibu Mansion Attack but it’s still full price at $39.99. The War Machine set is still sold out, only available via third party, but Shop@Home still has it.

Thanks to forum member MCoad for the tip.

Ace Kim | March 7th, 2013 | LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, News

Iron Man 3 Sets Now on LEGO Shop@Home

Did you miss out on the Iron Man 3 sets when they went on sale at Amazon the other day? Fear not cause LEGO Shop@Home just listed the three sets. If you order all three sets, you’ll be a few dollars shy of reaching the $75 dollar free shipping threshold. Throw in a keychain and you’ll be good to go.

Ace Kim | March 4th, 2013 | LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, Sales News

Iron Man 3 Sets Now on Amazon

Iron Man 3 sets have appeared on Amazon. Unknown if the official on sale date has passed or if Amazon is jumping the gun a little. If the latter, don’t expect the products to be available for very long. Links and prices are below:

Ken Robichaud | February 18th, 2013 | DC Universe, LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, News

Spieletest Videos Presents Iron Man & Superman Sets

UPDATE: The video has been made private, little doubt through a request from LEGO.

I know people have been wondering what the Iron Man and Superman sets looked like at Toy Fair and I’ve tried to give details, but it’s difficult. I didn’t spend much time looking at them because of the photography embargo, so this video popping up is a definite help to all the curious fans. Spieletest posted this and another quick video featuring Iron Man sets on and another comment on the post indicates the Iron Man sets may be trickling out already. Taking another quick view, I can tell you that the smaller Black Zero Escape set had Zod emerging from the building/doorway and Lois Lane was in the escape pod/containment cell thing. The Smallville set, as I mentioned previously, focuses on the Kryptonian ship and it does have a number of nice parts. Take a look at the video and I think you’ll see why they chose to stick a bright yellow car in the smallest set as the theme seems to have a generally dark palette and seems pretty meh overall. The video also shows the new Kryptonian battle armour that I’m sure will be popular with the customizers out there.

So with this video, you’ve seen pretty much everything LEGO offered at the Toy Fairs. I’ll do up a post highlighting Hasbro’s contribution/dilution to the brick wars and I think that’ll wrap things up for this trip.

Ace Kim | February 7th, 2013 | LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, News

Iron Man 3 Sets Revealed

Brickset is reporting on new Iron Man 3 sets revealed by Barnes & Noble. Three sets have been shown so far, which matches up to what the press release released today states: 76006 Iron Man: Extremis Sea Port Battle, 76007 Iron Man: Malibu Mansion Attack, and 76008 Iron Man vs. The Mandarin: Ultimate Showdown. The supposed released date is set for March 15. So unless there’s an account exclusive that hasn’t been revealed yet, this is all we can expect for Iron Man 3 sets. And if that’s the case, pardon my french but where the hell is Iron Patriot?!?!

Thanks to ninnymuggins for the heads up.