Whenever there’s a video showcase of upcoming games, like Nintendo Directs or Sony State of Play videos, there’s only so much they can show on any one game and my reactions comprise of one of three possible outcomes:

  • “Heck yeah I am ALL in!”
  • “Oh that looks interesting.”
  • “Meh”

Every once in while, one game will be so dumb it will illicit the rare “What in God’s name is this? This looks stupid.” response from me. The latest game to do that was Bugsnax.

Launch titles can be pretty meager with the console maker trying to offer at least one game in a variety of genres to make up a library with the widest possible appeal. For the upcoming PlayStation 5 launch, we have the sports game (NBA 2K21), the open-world time-waster (Assassin’s Creed Valhalla), the action-adventure game (Spider-Man: Miles Morales), the FPS (Call Of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War), the one for masochists (Demon’s Souls), and so on and so forth.

Bugsnax? It fills the void of being designated as the “bottom of the barrel”. I mean, there’s always going to be that one game that’s a launch title that no one wants. And the only way it would ever make it onto people’s library is if a) they got paid to take it, or b) they got it for free. Sony seems to think that offering this game right out of the gate as the free PlayStation 5 title for PS Plus members was a good idea. Technically, it’s not even really free since you’re paying a monthly subscription fee but whatever. As a “free” game, it still has some stiff competition since Astro’s Playground is also free. Astro’s Playground has a couple of advantages though:

  • It’s free without needing a subscription.
  • It comes pre-installed on the console.
  • It’s not Bugsnax.

There’s nothing appealing about this game. It’s characters aren’t cute, and not even in the intentionally ugly but still kind of cute a la Ugly Dolls kind of way either. The eating and turning into the thing you just ate mechanic is kind of horrifying. The models and textures look something born from the PS2 era. The music is annoying. The voice acting is annoying. The names are stupid. It looks like it’s an offspring of H.R. Pufnstuf. I just honestly can’t find a redeeming quality about this game.

Hollow Knight Is Also Free And Is Worth Your HD Space

But you know, Sony is making up for it by offering Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition free for subscribers. The Voidheart Edition has all of the DLC included. It’s an awesome Metroidvania platformer and is the antithesis of Bugsnax in every way from the character designs, story, gameplay, right down to the music. I scored it a 5 out of 5 stars in my review (looking back I probably should have included more screen shots). I already have Hollow Knight on Switch but will probably download it again for PS4 because why not. I want to send a message to Sony as to what game is worth the download and Bugsnax ain’t it. Hollow Knight though? This is a game everyone should own. It normally goes for $14.99 which is an absolute steal for it even at full price.

In addition to Bugsnax, PS5 owners will also get access to the PS Plus collection which is a bunch of PS4 greatest hits titles available for the PS5. The other PS4 game for PS Plus subscribers is Middle Earth: Shadow of War. All three games will be available from November 3rd to November 30th.

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