OH MAN! HBO has picked up the television rights to The Last of Us in partnership with Sony Pictures Televsion and Playstation Productions. This is going to be something! With Neil Druckmann, Creative Director at Naughty Dog and head honcho of The Last of Us game, executive producing and co-writing with partner Craig Mazin of Chernobyl fame, it already sounds like it’s going to be great. And with HBO backing the project, we may see the grim post-pandemic future on our TV screens complete with infected, runners, clickers, and bloaters. If the show can live up to the bar set by Chernobyl for writing and drama and have the production value of Game of Thrones, then there is no doubt this will be a must-watch show.

I really need to temper my expectations though. I’d hate for it to be in production limbo like the Uncharted movie. Or have it suck like S7 & S8 of GoT.

Weiss and Benioff better stay the hell away from this one.

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