I messed up the numbers again. But I think they’re all square. I had them set at “xxx/230” when they should have been “xxx/260”. I’m a bit further away than I thought and I’m running out of bags. Need to stock up at some point soon. Let’s see which minifig polybag pulled ahead to claim top spot.

Last Week’s Winner

I’m actually pretty excited about this result. It validates my feelings on why 5002145 Rocket Raccoon kicks so much ass. That Milano ship that the sticker sheet is designed for was the biggest and best version LEGO ever made, so it feels just right that it gets some extra sticker love to further enhance its appearance. Either that or people really REALLY love Sapling Groot.

This Week’s Candidates

Like last week, I tried picking sets this week that were all of the same kind of variety: a licensed small build that included a minifig. Here are this week’s choices. Missed a review? Click through the link in the poll options to go straight to the review.

Polybag Set of the Week: Week 43

Pick your favorite set of the week for what should have been the 43rdd week of the year.

The poll has closed!

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