LEGO Storage Guide cover image

Tom Alphin over at Brick Architect has written a pretty comprehensive LEGO Storage Guide. It’s a “Beta Preview” but it’s pretty robust as it is now. The great thing about this guide is that it just doesn’t prescribe a single solution, like “This is how I think you should sort  and store your stuff”. There is no single solution that works for everyone. Instead, it asks how you want to sort, the size of your collection, and what kind of sorted collection you want to have. There’s a whole subsection just on displaying and storing minifigs too.

The guide is great for anyone just starting out with the hobby that has a growing collection. I’m sure some veterans can learn a thing or two as well, and maybe even contribute from their own experiences. And since the guide is in beta, Tom is looking for feedback on how to make it better. Go give it a read if you have some time.

But wait, there’s more! Tom also created a series of labels to help with your organization further. They are designed to work with a specific label printer, but that might be a worthwhile investment to keep the chaos of maintaining a parts library under control.

LEGO sorting labelsimages lifted from Brick Architect.