Remember when I said that I wanted to find a new name for our (pretty much dead in the water) comic formerly known as STUDS because the originator of the name wanted to do something else with it? Well here is the tip of that iceberg: STUDS Trading Cards. In a nutshell:

The adult Lego building community is a vital, diverse and interesting world. An alliance of creative individuals, each with their own unique building style, artistic focus and distinct personality. You’ve all seen incredible Lego models in the news and on the Internet – now learn the names and faces of the people responsible for creating the work. STUDS is a trading card set that profiles the men and women who use Lego to build incredible, original sculptures and brings you an close-up view of this fascinating world. Each card has the image of an amazing Lego creation on the front of the card and info about the work and the artist on the back.

This isn’t something we would normally report on but FBTB is on a card!

You can check out the kickstarter video after the jump.

You can pledge any amount, but donate at least $35 and that’ll net you the base set which is a complete set of cards plus the two exclusive KS cards. Check out the full details on the STUDS Trading Cards kickstarter project page.