Dissatisfied with the Shop@Home clearances today, I ventured out to nearby Walmarts and Targets. Though unmarked, many sets were discounted by 50% at Walmart. Some Star Wars sets were included, along with most of the 2011 Ninjago, Kingdoms, Cars 2, Atlantis, Pharaoh’s Quest, and leftover Toy Story sets. Your mileage will vary from store to store, but be on the lookout for great deals like the Star Wars Advent Calendar or 8097 Slave 1 for half price.

I also hit Target, but found their 30% clearance less than stellar by comparison. However, be sure to keep an eye out as remaining inventory gets deeper discounts. Some Target locations could be up to 75% by the end of the week. 2012 stock is coming shortly, so they need to make room.

Be sure to check the forums to see what people are finding. Definitely worth a venture to the toy aisle this week. Just try not to hog the price scanners too much.