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popnfresh brings us a coupon for $10 off any LEGO set priced $50 or more. This includes Star Wars but not Pharaoh’s Quest. Offer is valid 12/11- 12/12 and is in store only.

There have been better deals at TRU in recent memory, but $10 is $10. Just make sure the prices aren’t $10 over MSRP to begin with. (Oh TRU, you sneaky… giraffe.)

Based on the phrasing of the coupon, it would imply that only sets in the $50+ range qualify, but the coupon shows 7592 Construct A Buzz, 8089 Hoth Wampa Cave and other sets under $50, so I’d guess it works with any LEGO purchase totaling $50 or more.

If that’s the case, then by my calculations you can get 13 Collectible Minifigures ($52 TRU value) for about $3.23 each + tax after using this coupon.

You can download the coupon HERE.