Traveler’s Tales and Warner Bros. Interactive released a new trailer for their game, LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4. Ten bucks says it’s the same tired gameplay of roaming, 1×1 rounds collecting, and character swapping/leading/getting stuck in corners to frustrate you to no end, and wand waving to build stuff to overcome obstacles.

Anyways, if you check out the promo website, there’s a countdown to a sneak peek of the game which has 8 hours 48 minutes left as of this writing. Hopefully, it won’t be the trailer below.

Update 9:01am 12/8: The countdown reset itself at some point. Users who load up the page now get a countdown at about 24 hours or less. The browser page I had open, when the countdown hit the zero mark, it reset to negative 1 day, like it did for buriedbybricks.

Via The Brothers Brick