Found this message on our forums this morning:

The postcard in the S@H Holiday catalog I received in the mail yesterday lists a 15% discount for purchases of any two and a 25% discount for any three or more of the following:

10185 Green Grocericon
10187 Volkswagen Beetleicon
7746 Single-Drum Rollericon
6241 Loot Islandicon

And the $99 free shipping still applies.

What makes the post relevant is the bolded item in the list. This may be enough of an incentive to pick up a Green Grocer for myself finally.

Just add the items to your cart and the discount is applied automagically.

Another licensed item on sale is the Eiffel Tower 1:300icon. If I remember correctly, S@H was out of stock on the set for awhile, but now it’s back for $149.98 down from $199.99. Not bad for 3,428 pieces.

Did you miss out on the Target-exclusive MINI V-19 Torrent polybag set? Purchase a 7676 Republic Attack Gunshipicon or 8019 Republic Attack Shuttleicon and one will be added to your cart for free upon checkout.

All orders over $99 qualify for free shipping, so tax will be the only additional expense. Start your holiday shopping early!