Now that LEGO is doing this kind of thing, you know, the convention-only premium, how do you feel about that? Personally, I think it’s great. I have a weakness for exclusives and limited editions and chase figures and whatever else you got along those lines, so I think it’s pretty cool. The low number is going to truly make this a one of a kind hard to get item. Only 250! So what do you think?

Man, if LEGO decided to do the same thing with a Star Wars figure, like they did with the Toy Fair invite a few years ago, I can just imagine the frenzy and the craze to acquire one.

As far as the results of the last poll, I guess if I were to hold up a sandwich board that had FBTB emblazoned on it, or a hat, I’d meet 46 of you.

Will you be attending the San Diego Comic Con?

  • Yes – 46
  • No – 859
  • Maybe – 50

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