Word has been popping up all over the place (like CNET) that the next line of Simpsons Collectible Minifigures is finally coming out. Ace’s opinions were a bit… tempered… for the first series, but I genuinely enjoyed the figures, and outside the heads, had some really good parts. They also introduced things like printed multi-colored arms and short legs, and that’s nice.

There feel like a lot more highlights in here. We do get members of the Simpsons Clan, all in some alternate looks (Homer’s suit looks fantastic in this art), but Willie, Professor Frink, Smithers, Patty & Selma, and Martin are all just going to be great. I also like seeing Doctor Hibbert in there, and after the rumors that Comic Book Guy would be an SDCC exclusive, it’s great to see him end up here normally. Obviously still gaps, like Principle Skinner and Moe, but hopefully these sell well enough to get us even more!

Cue up your “Worst… Minifig… Ever…” jokes now, people.