I have a good feeling about this one…


What do we have here now? Another Clone Wars model? Well that’s a surprise (I’ll leave it up to you if I’m being sarcastic or not). But you know what? I could go the easy route and just complain endlessly about how today is yet another Clone Wars micro model but I won’t simply because it’s such a great model. It’s about on par with Day 1’s AAT. They kind of look alike too given the color scheme but since they are both Separatist Forces, it makes sense. The Vulture droid has a minimal number of elements (9 in all, not including the extra 1×1 dark blue plate) but uses it’s element budget effectively to capture the Vulture droid look and feel. With a little rearranging you can even simulate walking mode. 6 for 6. Will (Day) 7 finally be my lucky number?