Day 18 – Scout Trooper

(Singing) On cycle eighteen of Life Day my first mate gave to me, an Ewok chasing trooper,
one shiny explosion,
two racks and counting,
a creepy crawling brawler,
one big brown disappointment,
a disco crazy clanker,
a snazzy little space crane,
a Volkswalker Beetle,
a cranky Xerox copy,
another grey triangle,
a case of Déjà vu,
three teeny blasters,
an angry Steward of Endor,
a pair of ruby slippers,
a bounty hunter’s hot rod,
a break-dancing pilot,
an impractical escape ship
and a dancing droid beneath the Life Tree.

Remember that Endor Rebel we got way back on the 6th? Well he finally has a frenemy to do battle/go carolling with. This set is certainly a cheaper way to get your hands on this new Scout Trooper other than forking out $250 plus for the new Ultimate Endor Treehouse set. It’s a nice figure to be sure, but buyer beware:

Speeder Bike Not Included.

To be continued…