Day 4 – Star Destroyer

Tiny Star Destroyer is tiny. If you need to strike fear into the hearts of say, dust mites or flu germs, this might be the ship for you. I only have one issue with this little guy and it’s the nose, but I don’t really know what they could have used to bring it to a sharper point. All LEGO ISDs are just wedges and plates on top of wedges and plates on top of wedges and plates anyway. This time it’s just a lot quicker.

You know, the dust mites may even think this is cute.

And since I somehow managed to forget to take a second pic after I shifted the jumper plates back then didn’t notice, take a look at Huw’s pic to see how it looks when put together “correctly”.

Advent day 4

Nope, still not pointy enough. Still cute though.

To be continued…