We’re getting the first pics in, and unfortunately, it looks like most of the setup is a bit underwhelming. Things that have already been revealed, or just getting details around sets we have a lot of info about.

  • 76105 The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition

The only Marvel set around of note is the Hulkbuster… which apparently is a UCS-styled Hulkbuster. The set, sadly, is also chocked in at a whopping $120, which makes this far less exciting than it was when we first got a glimpse of the new model (at least for me).

There are a lot more pictures below. It does look nice, but that price kills it quite a bit.



  1. As with so many sets these days, I think the typical “if they had only included 1 or 2 other minifigures this would have really MADE the set worthwhile.” Much as with the UCS Falcon, I wish there had been more than 1 or 2 new / unique / limited figures which justified the price more. At $120, the toss up is between 1 minifgure vs something like 75105 Falcon – which has 7 minifigs! ($150 + retired, I know; but Kessel Run one is coming soon also)

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