Not everyone liked last weeks episode of MAOS, but it got picked up for a full season directly after and that was before the news came in that it was actually the #1 show that evening. Tracking of Live + 3 Day viewing bumped it up more then 50% to 11 million viewers knocking both NCIS and the Voice (whatever that is) down a peg and stealing the coveted 18-49 demographic. If you’re interested, you can even watch the first few minutes of the episode here.

This weeks episode pits the team against a rogue spy trained by Coulson, but the real question is: How will they use a raft to save the day in this one? I already have a theory, but don’t want to spoil too much of the episode yet.

Watch Marvel’s Agents Of R.A.F.T. (Remarkably Adaptable Floatation Technology) to find out!