Avengers #21

Huge week for Marvel’s LEGO Variant Covers this Wednesday with 5 titles equalling ten elusive variants. Superior Spider-Man #19 is not only the most iconic of the bunch, but the most sought after and expensive too. At 85 smackers, discounted from a whopping $100, it’s not cheap by any means. If yesterday was a holiday in your area your comic shop may be off a day on getting their new comics or maybe just getting them out later in the day, so heads up. I feel sorry for a lot of the variant collectors this week with some of these titles having many variants not even including the LEGO ones. Time to get on the horn to my shop, I’m all in at this point.

All. In.

Midtown Comics

Fantastic Four #13
Guardians Of The Galaxy #7
New Avengers #11
Superior Spider-Man #19

Interestingly, Hawkeye #13 hits the stands tomorrow, so it could be a couple months until #15 hits shelves. Unless they try to speed up the release dates, which seems to be the case based on next weeks expected titles.

Comic shop. Hit it.