Update: They are working with show management through the rest of the day to come up with a plan for tomorrow’s giveaway. They are undecided how to handle the undistributed Spider-Woman tickets. A plan will be in place either tonight or early tomorrow for tomorrow’s giveaway. Please stay tuned.

Today’s minifigure giveaway went, to put it very mildly, badly. So badly in fact that we may have shot another video during the experience. It was scheduled for 11:30 but the booth was so overpacked with people that they were forced to start early at 11:00 to try and alleviate the crowd. They skipped badge scanning and just handed out tickets, like the one above. However, after about 20 minutes security came down on the booth hard. They shut down the booth and kicked everyone out that wasn’t an employee of LEGO and effectively cancelled any more ticket giveaway. So, what about the leftover undistributed tickets? Here’s what’s going to happen: tomorrow they will be distributing two tickets now instead of one for both the Spider-Woman and Amazing Spider-Man minifigs. Winners will still be posted on the LEGOraffle.com site. That ticket giveaway is still scheduled for 11:30 but unless they drastically change something they will have the same exact issue of overcrowding. There may not have been a line but people were hanging out until the distribution started since I’m guessing 10:00 or 10:30.

My suggestion? Go back to badge scanning and have multiple scanners around the booth. Start scanning as soon as the doors open. Since scanning prevents anyone from registering more than once, people will be scanned and immediately leave. No lines. No crowds. They can still check the website at their leisure to see if they’ve won.