I see very few movies in theatre these days. In part due to the expense (it’s cheaper to wait and buy the Blu-ray than to take two people much less three) and partly because it’s wildly inconvenient to schedule for us. The MCU movies are the priority for our family and this year Ghostbusters is on the short list as well. My son started asking to watch “the ghost movie” soon after he really started talking and when he turned two, I gave in. We figured he’d either get bored before the first ghost showed up or when the librarian got cranky, he’d be out. He hid his head under the blanket for a second when she reared her ugly head, but his eyes quickly crested that fluffy wall of security and remained glued until the film was over. He was hooked. Ten viewings in that first month and zero nightmares later it replaced Shrek as his favourite movie. PRAISE MURRAY!

As a kid, Egon was my favourite and I wonder who will be the favourite for the kids that go to see this one. For Odin, my money is on Holtzman, but only time will tell. I already kinda want the action figures and will definitely be getting the LEGO set, which sucks because it’s already a bad year for toys for me. Just when I thought I was out, the B:TAS Batwing, Hasbro Cap Shield, Rainbow Batman box set and Hot Toys Ash draws me back in. Might as well enjoy the ride, right?

So, who you gonna be… will you be calling… who…

Are you planning on seeing this in July?