LEGO CUUSOO Back To The Future DeLorean

UK-based LEGO fansite Brick Fanatics gives us the first glimpse of the LEGO CUUSOO project, Back to the Future, from a LEGO store newsletter obtained in the store. After achieving the required 10,000 votes on LEGO CUUSOO over 6 months ago, the set is now a reality and according to the image, will be available for purchase starting July 18th. There doesn’t seem to be any minifigs included in the set as none are pictured. There IS a flux capacitor, however the model designers somehow managed to make an already terrible rendition of the DeLorean look even worse. I’ll reserve final judgment until I get my hands on the set but it’s not looking pretty.

The on-sale date happens to coincide with San Diego Comic Con which is happening July 17-21. Coincidence? We shall see.

via Brick Fanatics

image credit to Brick Fanatics