LEGO EVE Rifter cuusoo 5

I briefly mentioned this achievement earlier, but it was a bit buried in the Shaun of the Dead post and I felt it deserved more recognition. Czar aka behemothjosh’s EVE Online creation–“EVE Online Ships – Rifter“–may very well represent a new, if not short-lived, license. Much like I’ve never played Minecraft, I’ve never played EVE Online, so my familiarity with the ship is severely limited, which is one of the reasons my enthusiasm is limited. I’m sure the EVE Online fans (both LEGO and non-LEGO fans) are stoked, however.
Unlike the previous MOCs to reach 10,000 votes, this model lets its studs hang out, something I’ve noticed many popular MOCs tend to shy away from, instead relying more heavily on tiles and/or extensive SNOT techniques. This model, as you can see, seems to hearken back to simpler, studlier times, which I appreciate and I’m sure many others do as well. We’ll keep you updated on LEGO’s decision regarding this model and future potential, long-shot licenses, some of which may require having awkward Oedipal moments.