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*SOLD* FT: Full 510st Stormtrooper Armor w/ mic for 10030

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*SOLD* FT: Full 510st Stormtrooper Armor w/ mic for 10030

Postby b4p » Tue Oct 11, 2011 7:20 pm

I'm looking for a LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer (10030) in the bluish grey (bley) color, in new or like-new condition as long as it includes everything and is not damaged.

Each party pays their own shipping, but this will have to ship in at least 2 or 3 boxes (I haven’t figured this part out yet). Maybe I will have a box each for the armor, helmet, and boots. I don’t know.

This armor was worn about 5 times, and mostly sat in my closet, so it's in great shape! If anyone is interested I can take/post pictures.

The above is me, TK1691, as you can see in the file name. Don't believe me? search the nickname field for b4p:

It comes with:
1. Walkie-talkie transmitter installed in helmet
2. Walkie-talkie receiver which attaches to stormtrooper belt
3. Custom voice-activated switch, installed in helmet, that activates the outgoing walkie-talkie when you speak. This creates a static-burst effect, as well as makes your voice sound authentic from the speaker.
4. White shoes, size 11. I wear size 9, and they are big on me, but still get the job done (these shoes were hard as hell to find)
5. Custom-made snaps, to make certain pieces easier to put on
6. Nice, black batting gloves with snaps for the two hand armor pieces (this is awesome, trust me)
7. Homemade black turtle-neck cloth thing to make the suit look authentic when the helmet is off.
8. Black Stormtrooper prop gun with holster
9. Full body suit: Black, Promate brand, size Small for Men and Large for Women. If the body suit is too small, you can improvise with a black long-sleeve shirt and black sweat pants.
10. Customized thigh pieces so that you will be able to sit down while wearing the suit!
11. Extra stuff like snaps, velcro, and whatever else I can fit into the package.

height: Customized to fit someone at 5'9" or slightly shorter, but will also fit slightly taller. It fits a range of heights.
weight: I was about 155-160 when I wore this.

My older brother is a lot taller/bigger than me, and he fit into this suit. He couldn’t get the thigh snaps to snap into place, but otherwise it fit fine!
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