LEGO revealed a new set based on the ’90’s sitcom Friends, The Friends Apartments. Obviously drawing from the success of 21319 Central Perk, LEGO is created a set piece that is just packed with details and easter eggs. Was this bound to happen? Well, I’m certainly not surprised that it did. Priced at $149.99 for 2,048 pieces, you’ll be able to order 10292 The Friends Apartments set starting on May 19th, 2021 for VIPs and June 1st, 2021 for non-VIPs.

You get 7 minifigs of the main cast plus Janice. Phoebe and Rachel look the worst out of the bunch. Joey with all of Chandler’s clothes on is probably the standout minifig out of the bunch.

Other than the Joey minifig, there’s a ton of other easter eggs built into the set drawing from a whole range of episodes.


And it even looks like they can even switch apartments! The One with the Embryos, the catalyst to the apartment switching, is probably my favorite episode of the entire series.

Friends is one of the few sitcoms I’ve watched from beginning to end. I’ve held off on getting  21319 Central Perk set but I may have to break down and get that and 10292 The Friends Apartments together. This set pays a nice homage to the series and looks about as complete as it can get. There’s a TON of pictures below.

Official 10292 The Friends Apartments Pictures

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