The poll closed last night and it’s easy to see how hard of a choice forum members faced, as all of these were only a few votes apart. Without further ado…

In 1st place with 39 votes is Sparkart’s ATST:Image

As the top winner he will receive Battle of Hoth game set, Planet Series 1 set, and three polybag ships. Our runners up will be receiving the same three polybags (MTT, Star Destroyer, and TIE):

In 2nd with 36 votes is Flynn’s Millenium Falcon:Image

In 3rd with 32 votes, Roarsack’s ATTE:

4th, with 29 votes, Trooper10’s TIE Fighter:

And finally in 5th place with 25 votes is Blackninjatom’s Y-Wing:

Congratulations to all of our winners (You will be contacted by Ace after we’re back from Toy Fair) and once again thanks to everyone who built and voted. You guys are the ones who make these contests awesome and you never disappoint.