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Amazon Discounts Super Heroes, TMNT Sets

76004 Spider-Cycle Chase

Amazon is discounting a few Super Heroes sets at 20% or better. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sets are also seeing a modest discount. And speaking of TMNT, sets based on the stupid movie are also available.

Super Heroes

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (cartoon)

And finally, sets based on the movie. And boy does that movie look stupid. And you know it’s bad when the fifth Step Up movie is rated higher on Rotten Tomatoes than the TMNT movie. The toys look slightly less stupid but I will admit that the van set looks pretty good and will probably roll better than the Shellraiser. I’ve provided links to both Amazon and LEGO Shop@Home for these sets.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (movie)

Ace Kim | December 7th, 2013 | DC Universe, LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, Sales News

Amazon Discounts Super Heroes Sets

76000 Arctic Batman vs. Mr Freeze: Aquaman on Ice

Amazon is discounting a bunch of DC and Marvel Super Heroes sets ranging fom 25-35% off or more! Now’s the time for people like me who procrastinated on picking these up to stock up before they’re discontinued for good. If you haven’t picked up the Arctic Batman set yet, or if you did and you got the typo version, the ones that are shipping out now should be the ones with the corrected set name, “Arctic” instead of “Artic”.

DC Universe Super Heroes

Marvel Super Heroes

Ace Kim | September 10th, 2013 | DC Universe, LEGO Super Heroes, Sales News

Amazon Discounts 76003 Superman Battle of Smallville by 20%

Amazon is discounting one of the better (which isn’t saying much) Man of Steel sets, 76003 Superman Battle of Smallville by 20%. It is now being offered at $40.15, down from $49.99.

Nick Martin | July 22nd, 2013 | DC Universe, LEGO Super Heroes, Reviews

Review: 76003 Superman – Battle of Smallville

Full Set

When I watched Man of Steel, I was overwhelmed by the fact that somehow, a “small town” had that much stuff that could get tossed around and blown up. Sure, it was effectively like a small town drag that absolutely litter the midwest, but it wasn’t accurate in the least, since there wasn’t a Walmart or Dollar General to be seen and most of the shops looked to still be open and in good repair. That and thinking that a bit of destruction could only serve to upgrade any place in Kansas (seriously, the only good thing to have come out of that state is the Interstate to somewhere else).

Really, the battle was almost overwhelming, at least until you saw the whole Metropolis scene at the end of the film and realized that this set should probably have been called “The Smallville Dust-up.” This set is the most expensive of the Man of Steel sets (thus far), and features the closest thing to an “iconic” ship that we saw, the Black Zero Dropship that transported people who had suits that could fly. I know, I don’t get it either.

At $50, this set is certainly more of an investment than either of the other two sets (combined), and has a bit going for it at first glance. The question is, does it keep that going for it when you break it down?

Of course, there will be spoilers in here. So don’t come crying when you found out that Braniac killed a couple of polar bears while breaking in to the Fortress of Solitude during the Battle of Smallville.


Ace Kim | June 28th, 2013 | DC Universe, LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, Sales News

Amazon Discounts LEGO Super Heroes

Star Wars isn’t the only theme getting hit by the discount hammer as Amazon is also discounting many Super Heroes sets. The discounts may not be as great, ranging from 10-15% but there are a few sets worth mentioning outright.

LEGO Superman sets are brand new, and I’m assuming they’re on sale to help promote the movie. In any case, if you were waiting for a sale to pick them up, maybe now’s the time. The best deal is on the cheapest set. They have 76002 Superman: Metropolis Showdown discounted down a whopping 23%, down to $9.97 from $12.99 MSRP.

They also have the other two on sale: 76009 Superman: Black Zero Escape is down to $17.00 (15% discount) and 76003 Superman: Battle of Smallville is down to $42.97 (14% discount). Still looking for non-movie Supes? 6862 Superman Vs Power Armor Lex is also discounted 15% down to $17.00.

On the Marvel side, 6869 Quinjet Aerial Battle is discounted 24% down to $53.19 from $69.99 MSRP.

And finally, 6866 Wolverine Chopper Showdown. I’ve been keeping my eye on this one and this set is finally seeing a decent sale price of $16.14, a 19% discount off of $19.99 MSRP. You get Wolverine, Magneto, and Deadpool all in one set with a great dark red parts pack helicopter model.

Most everything else hovers around a 10% discount, so check out LEGO Super Heroes on Amazon for more deals.

Ace Kim | May 8th, 2013 | DC Universe, LEGO Super Heroes, Sales News

Man of Steel Sets Available at LEGO Shop@Home

LEGO DC Super Heroes

Okay, I’m dumb. I didn’t check to see if Shop@Home had the Man of Steel sets when I did last night’s post. Durrr. So if you don’t feel like waiting til the 14th, you can order all three sets directly from LEGO right now. They’re free shipping promotion is still in effect too, so you can order all three sets, get free shipping, and VIP points.

For more immediate gratification, you can also pick up the sets at LEGO Brand Retail, and most if not all of the big box stores as well.

Ace Kim | May 7th, 2013 | DC Universe, LEGO Super Heroes, Sales News

Pre-order LEGO Man of Steel Set 76003 Superman: Battle Of Smallville

Amazon is currently accepting pre-orders for the upcoming 76003 Superman: Battle of Smallville. The expected release date for the set is May 14th and will cost you $49.99. No sign of the other two smaller sets yet, but we’ll keep an eye out for you.

Ace Kim | March 26th, 2013 | LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, News

76003 Superman: Battle of Smallville Revealed, Backorder from Amazon UK

76003 1

FBTB Fan Anonymous Tipster sent me the above and below images from Brickipedia (here and here) showing in detail 76003 Superman: Battle of Smallville. Five minifigs, no idea of piece count, but I’m going to take a guess that it’ll cost you about $40 bucks, the same as the Iron Man 3 set, 76007 Iron Man: Malibu Mansion Attack, since they both have the same number of minifigs and are comparable in size.

76003 2 has the set listed for preorder. Price is £39.99 with free delivery inside the UK. They also have 76002 Superman: Metropolis Showdown listed for £11.99.

Argos has the two sets listed on their site for reservations. No stores seem to show any stock levels however.

The Man of Steel movie’s theatrical release is set for June 14, 2013.

Ken Robichaud | February 18th, 2013 | DC Universe, LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, News

Spieletest Videos Presents Iron Man & Superman Sets

UPDATE: The video has been made private, little doubt through a request from LEGO.

I know people have been wondering what the Iron Man and Superman sets looked like at Toy Fair and I’ve tried to give details, but it’s difficult. I didn’t spend much time looking at them because of the photography embargo, so this video popping up is a definite help to all the curious fans. Spieletest posted this and another quick video featuring Iron Man sets on and another comment on the post indicates the Iron Man sets may be trickling out already. Taking another quick view, I can tell you that the smaller Black Zero Escape set had Zod emerging from the building/doorway and Lois Lane was in the escape pod/containment cell thing. The Smallville set, as I mentioned previously, focuses on the Kryptonian ship and it does have a number of nice parts. Take a look at the video and I think you’ll see why they chose to stick a bright yellow car in the smallest set as the theme seems to have a generally dark palette and seems pretty meh overall. The video also shows the new Kryptonian battle armour that I’m sure will be popular with the customizers out there.

So with this video, you’ve seen pretty much everything LEGO offered at the Toy Fairs. I’ll do up a post highlighting Hasbro’s contribution/dilution to the brick wars and I think that’ll wrap things up for this trip.