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Nick Martin | March 7th, 2014 | LEGO Star Wars, Reviews

Review: 75028 Clone Turbo Tank Microfighter

75028 - Full Set

The Clone Turbo Tank and I have a weird history. As a vehicle, it was on the screen for probably less than a minute in the movie, and I didn’t even realize that it existed until I saw the Lego set for it sitting on the shelves of my local Walmart waaaaay back in 2005. It also first launched when I was in the only dark age of note I’ve had as an adult collector, from about 2003-2005, and I was never all that interested in the PT stuff anyway. Then I noticed that the set came with Mace Windu, and I absolutely had to have it! I was young and hadn’t discovered FBTB yet, so I knew nothing of the aftermarket sites and thought eBay was for people with more money than good sense (the years since have taught me that thought was true most of the time). I ended up getting lucky, and found a couple of the original CTTs on a 50% clearance, so I got my Samuel L. Jackson fix and got introduced to the aftermarket to sell my extra.

The weird history continued with the updated CTT that came out with the Clone Wars, since by that time, I’d gone on to doing reviews for the site and angering hundreds of people with my opinions. I actually had the review for the CTT lined up in a big blitz a long time back, and was doing a whole bunch of pictures on a beautiful summer day. This was before I had a decent setup or lights, so I was actually taking them outside in my driveway, because the sun is better than any lamp I can get on After getting through a half-dozen sets, I set up the new CTT for pictures, turned around to do some positioning on my tripod, and heard the sound that you never, ever want to hear, and that is the connection of a large lego set and a driveway from a fall of a few feet. I grabbed most of the parts, though I occasionally still find a brick or the like in the driveway, but never got around to doing that review.

The Microfighter version is the first one that we’ve had since the Clone Wars one in 2010 in anything other than a micro format, so I suppose we take what we can get. This one is an interesting choice for the Chibi style, since the full-size sets have never been very great at capturing the original model. Much like the X-Wing Fighter, there isn’t a whole lot there, but this guy does feature an exclusive figure, for now, in the Phase 2 Clone Wars Trooper. I’ll rant about the fact that such a basic army building figure is in such a not-army builder set later, but at $10 and 96 pieces, it’s not as if this is going to be a huge hit to the wallet (unless you try it as an army builder). But are those parts worth it, or are we paying for a whole lot of 1×1 round studs?


Ace Kim | February 7th, 2014 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

LEGO Star Wars 2014 Sets Available February 17


Chat room regular ninnymuggins pointed out that LEGO Shop@Home has updated their Star Wars page with a release date for all of their new sets for 2014. Finally, after the sets have been widely available in other parts of the world, North America can join in on the fun. If you’re tenacious enough you may be able to find them at the big box retailers as it’s pretty common knowledge that sets can find their way onto the shelves before the street date. Full list of sets below with handy dandy links:

LEGO Star Wars 2014

Ace Kim | January 4th, 2014 | LEGO Star Wars, News Reveals Hi-res Images for LEGO Star Wars March 2014 Sets

75030 Millennium Falcon 1 updated their LEGO Star Wars section with all of the March 2014 releases. Normally, new Star Wars products launch in January but this is the first time in the history of the line that it will be launching in March due to The LEGO Movie products being pushed out in time for the film’s February theatrical debut. A total of 19 new products will launch including a brand new sub-theme, “Microfighters” also known as “Recruitment Sets”. The Micorfighters fill the gap that the now-discontinued Planet sets left behind. The majority of the regular line focuses on Episode III sets while most of the Microfighters are based on Original Trilogy ships. We’ve rehosted the images below for your convenience. Pricing remains to be seen. All new LEGO Star Wars products will launch in March.