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Nick Martin | June 25th, 2014 | LEGO Star Wars, Reviews

Review: 75044 Droid Tri-Fighter

75044 - Full Set

After fifteen years of collecting Lego Star Wars, and writing about them for the last eight, it’s pretty rare for me to come across a re-release that I don’t already have. Sure, there are a few, typically big sets, like the Sandcrawler or a lot of the UCS line (or any AT-AT that doesn’t have a motor)… but I’ve bought a lot of sets over the years, a lot of which I’ve liked, a lot I didn’t, and a whole lot that I’d be hard pressed to put back together. The Droid Tri-Fighter is even more unique, in that it’s a set I’ve passed on twice… this is the third release, after 2005’s 7052 ($15) and 2010’s 8086 ($25), which all had the same name. There’s also an honorable mention for 7283 Ultimate Space Battle, which is one of my “wish I would have bought that” regrets, which included the 7052 version as part of the bundle.

The 2005 version was notable in that it existed… pretty much all of the sets not called “Clone Turbo Tank” or “Clone Scout Walker” from that year are best forgotten. It was the first set to include a buzz droid, so I guess there is that, and, in something that is shocking in this day and age, no minifigures. The 2010 version included the orange rocket droids, which I got from that Hyena Droid bomber, and never felt a real need to get more. I kind of wish I had that second version, because it looks almost identical to this one… complete with all that lovely dark blue.

A Target Exclusive, this version adds an extra $5 on the price, drops 4 pieces (down to 262), loses the rocket droids in favor of the regular types, and for some reason gives us Chancellor Palpetine. It’s a set I obviously didn’t have a high opinion of to start with (to be fair, I basically have no opinion of it), so the real question comes down to “is it worth it, or did I just use this to get over $75 when I bought the Droid Gunship so I’d get Revan?”