I fully believe that Poe has a closet full of holiday sweaters, just in case

Disney+ has been a real slow-burn of a service… it doesn’t have the original content that other platforms have, but when it launches something, it tends to be Awesome. The Mandalorian, Hamilton, new Clone Wars… and now, the post-RoS follow-up LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special that will wash the terrible taste of RoS away for everyone.

The original Holiday Special is, let’s say, an experience. If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out. Not because it’s good, it absolutely is not good in any way whatsoever other than the “so bad it’s good” way… but it’s so far into that category that you have to watch it. It’s the Plan 9 of Outer Space set in a Galaxy Far Far Away (I’ve watched both multiple times… the Holiday Special is worse than Plan 9). My personal favorite way to consume it is with RiffTrax, and it’s worth every dollar.

I’m not really a fan of the LEGO games, because the gameplay in them is just terribad… but the setting and story of them have always been great. I love that they’re going to be able to apply new stories, all kinds of weird thing, and it’s technically canon, so it’ll really get some fanboys worked into a tizzy. That’s what every holiday special should be.


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