Toys’R’Us is having a special deal this week from 11/13 through 11/19. Certain sets are 25% off, those that are pictured above. PLUS, get a free minifigure display case, a $14.99 value, with any LEGO purchase $60 or more. PLUS, get free shipping with no minimum purchase until 11/17. We reviewed the minifigure display cases, so getting the half-sized one for free isn’t too shabby of a deal.

There are two items of note that you can get 50% off on. The LEGO City 7848 Toys’R’Us Truck is 50% off, ringing up at $24.99. Ninjago 2519 Skeleton Bowling, a Toys’R’Us exclusive, is also advertised at 50% off. Here’s where it gets tricky: currently, the TRU price is $34.99, it’s on sale currently for $29.99 (MSRP), and the advertised 50% price is $19.99. I don’t know what kind of math they’re using, but hopefully someone finds the deal worth it to argue for a true 50% off price. Even with TRU’s markup, $17.99 seems like a pretty good price for the set.

Final note: even though the ad is live as I write this, the prices shown on their website do not accurately reflect 25% off. I could be reporting this deal prematurely and the discounts won’t trigger until the stroke of midnight, but we’ll keep you updated as much as possible.

Update: The sale prices are now in effect. The bad news is that TRU raised their price on 2519 Skeleton Bowling, so that the 50% price is $19.99. Let the crazy TRU Markup Season begin!