Were you one of the unlucky unable to find any of the series 1 Minifigures? Well, depending on your stance on pricing, hassle, gas, and stress free acquisitions, EntertainmentEarth is offering preorders for series 2. A full case of 60 will run you $164.99, while a 10-pack costs $29.99. Add on tax (if applicable) and shipping, you’ll have to decide whether or not their markup over MSRP ($1.99 per minifigure) is worth not having to drive everywhere looking for them trying to get a complete set hunched over the display box with iPhone in hand scanning each barcode only to realize someone already bought all the Spartan Warriors and left a boat load of Traffic Cops.

Hit the banner below and do a search for “lego minifigures series 2”:

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For pictures of series 2 minifigures, check out the set on FBTB’s flickr account.