Just like my LEGO Black Friday post, I will try and bring you the best LEGO deals for Cyber Monday and any other notable deals through December as we head towards D-Day Christmas. Of course, some of these deals may not be “cyber week” deals and just happy coincidences, but who’s complaining.

If you have a deal you’d like to share, use the contact form or post a message to the thread.

Update 11:45am 11/29: Target and Toys’R’Us offerings have changed; see below for details.

Update 10:41pm 11/29: Target 10% off coupon added. See below.

Update 12:53am 11/30: Amazon Cyber Monday deals added.

Update 10:25am 11/30: Added LEGO Shop@Home.

Update 6:39pm 11/30: New 10% off code for Target.

Warning: some of these deals may or may not be but is most likely shameless plugging for FBTB’s referral program.


Amazon has a bunch of LEGO on sale, but some notable deals include:

  • LEGO Creator Green Grocer is now $129, down from $149. I’m a huge fan of the creator series of town buildings except for the awful Market Street, but if you have Cafe Corner and/or Fire Brigade, this will fit right in. No telling if the price will yoyo like the Venator set did.
  • LEGO Star Wars 10186 General Grievous is still available through third party resellers, and for less than MSRP. $64.93 seems to be the best price at the moment.
  • LEGO® Creator Emerald Night Train (10194) is on sale for $88.62. With Free Super Saver Shipping and no tax to most states, this is the best price we’ve seen.
  • Cyber Monday deals in Toys and Games lists two LEGO deals for 4pm and one LEGO Star Wars deal for 5pm. Based on the description for one of the 4pm deals, “Cut into a jungle of savings with this amazing LEGO set. Building this set will be a fun adventure for the whole family.” I’m guessing it’s LEGO Indiana Jones 7626 Jungle Cutter. The description for the other 4pm set: “Make “Trax” and “Jet” into savings with this awesome LEGO set!” sounds like the Bionicle set 8942 Jetrax T6. And finally, the 5pm deal simply says: “Your Star Wars fans will love this amazing LEGO set.” No clue what that could mean. Like Amazon’s Black Friday deals, there is only a certain allotment for the Cyber Monday deal, so once they’re all accounted for, the deal expires.

LEGO Shop@Home

LEGO Brand Retail

  • Today’s the last day to take advantage of their sale. Save $10 off $100, $20 off $200, and $30 off $300 November 27-30 all of which also qualify for Free Standard Shipping! They still have quie a bit of goodies still available on their Sales and Dealsicon page.


  • 10188 Death Star $319.99 with FREE SHIPPING!
  • 10179 Millennium Falcon, you know, the big huge one that’s discontinued and normally $500, is now $399 with FREE SHIPPING!, no free shipping however.
  • 10195 Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker is still $199.95, but no free shipping with FREE SHIPPING.
  • Coupon: use coupon code NVO5WOQL A2VBT487 to receive an additional 10% off. Unfortunately, as of this writing, the Falcon set is sold out.


Toys R Us

  • Toys’R’Us Retail and ToysRUs.com are having a BOGO 50% off sale for ALL LEGO good from November 29 through December 5. If their free shipping promotions continue, the prices for the UCS Falcon and UCS Death Star will edge out Target’s deals by a few dollars, 5% of dollars to be exact. Apparently LEGO Star Wars is excluded.

Hit the banners above and do a search for LEGO Star Wars to find your items. May your wallets and significant others forgive you.