Nearly three years ago, as yet *another* Star Wars website trying to find an audience, it was all about the hits. Bring in the traffic. Get the scoop. Pics of a new set that haven’t hit the internet yet? Publish those babies now! Get them online!

I still remember checking my email after doing that, logging off and mentioning to my wife “can you believe the lawyers are on me already?”

The dread email asking me to remove images, reminding me that I was using something that wasn’t mine to use. My infamous temper took over and I told them they didn’t know what they were talking about (but of course I did, being a graphic designer by trade means I know everything about internet law) and that they were foolish to blow off free marketing.

Then something happened; instead of choosing to ramp it up a notch and give it right back to me, Robin Smith from LEGO chose to explain to me why they indeed had every right to request what they did. And she did so in a calm and quite polite manner as well.

Shortly thereafter I decided to change the way I was approaching FBTB – and the rest is history. I have always known Robin to be thorough, yet someone who takes the time to talk to you as well – and you can’t say that about everyone in this day and age. You can check out my simple interview with her here.

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