LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series sets hardly ever go on sale. Hardly. That being said, both Walmart and Amazon has applied a very slight discount to some of the current Star Wars UCS sets. In all case, the discount is slightly over 10% which should be enough to cover tax and you’ll get free shipping no matter where you buy from.

And unless I’m doing my math wrong, even if you’re LEGO Shop@Home VIP member, the slight discount trumps the current Double VIP Points offer. Take for example, the Ewok Village set:

10236 Ewok Village
MSRP: $249.99

Shop@Home Price: $249.99
VIP Points earned: 499
Points value: $20, with 99 points leftover

Amazon price: $218.98
Price difference: $31.01

Even if you have at least a point left in your account before the purchase, you’d be able to net $25 at most. Shop@Home is also offering the 24-in-1 holiday set, so depending on how you feel about that, it may take the edge on this deal.

Here’s a short list of sets on sale at both Walmart and Amazon:

  • 75095 TIE Fighter $177.00, down from $199.99 – Amazon | Walmart
  • 75059 Sandcrawler $262.98, down from $299.99 – Amazon | Walmart
  • 10236 Ewok Village $218.98, down from $249.99 – Amazon | Walmart