Today the fine folks at Complex were given the exclusive announcement showing off another one of LEGO’s San Diego Comic Con exclusive. Mini seems to be the on-going theme for this year’s convention exclusive. The mini Tatooine set at Star Wars Celebration is followed up by a mini Dagobah scene showing Yoda’s hut, the downed X-wing, and micro versions of Luke in X-wing gear and Yoda. R2 is also represented, docked in the X-wing. The set will cost $39.99 and comes with 177 pieces.

With the Star Wars Celebration set being Episode IV-based, and the SDCC set being Empire-based, there’s a good chance that the New York Comic Con set will be centered around Return of the Jedi. If they follow the same set design, I’m willing to be it will be the Endor bunker and a micro AT-ST walker.

Complex is also reporting that in order to purchase the set, potential buyers will have to pick up a winning from the Sails Pavilion located on the roof of the convention hall. I will try and dig up more details on the process.

Thanks to Gooker1 for the tip.