Thanks to Dutch toy shop and Brickset for breaking the news, we now have a glimpse of LEGO’s UCS/Shop@Home exclusives for 2012. And the list is with the most interesting parts highlighted:

  • 10223 Kingdoms Joust
  • 10224 Town Hall
  • 10225 R2-D2
  • 10226 Sopwith Camel
  • 10227 B-Wing

The B-wing set excites me the most as it is one of my favorite ships from the OT. I can only assume that it would be either proper minifig scale ship or heaven help me a UCS ship. If the latter, then I’ll squeal like a little girl. I cannot wait to see it given the UCS treatment. As far as R2-D2, pure speculation on my part but it could look like this:

Target R2-D2

The above image was the model displayed in Target stores many years back as a promotional gimmick. You had to guess the number of bricks used to win the model. I could also imagine a Power Functions type of model with special sound bricks, remote control, and motors galore.

Thanks to JamesBenjamin for reposting the list on our forums.

It should be noted that took down their pages. Brickset also has complied with LEGO’s request, but given this day and age of information, the internet, and the speed in which it can be disseminated, do they honestly think they can put the toothpaste back in the tube? We’ll see if any such takedown notices come my way, in the meantime, share your thoughts in our existing thread.