After countless emails and numerous and lengthy lists, I’ve finally collated the results. There were 643 total suggestions, plus 17 creature suggestions.

Some notes on how I collated the results and observations of the trends:

  • Anyone that suggested “Max Rebo band”, I incremented the counts for each individual band member, so Max Rebo got one tick. Sy Snootles, Droopy McCool and, regrettably, Joh Yowza, all each got one tick as well.
  • Suggestions for the Figrin D’an, or the Modal Nodes, or Cantina band, all went to one line, “Bith”, without having individual band members named and incremented.
  • “Cantina Aliens” and “Jabba’s Palace Aliens” were ignored as there were too many to keep track of and increment.
  • Clone “groups” such as Delta Squad, and Omega Squad were entered as is, without upticking their individual members.
  • The biggest trend I’ve noticed is that there is quite a demand for the cantina aliens. Even though the catch-all suggestion was ignored, even the most obscure alien made it on the list. If I were to sum up all the individual scores, I have no doubt that cantina aliens would make it to the top of the list.
  • The second biggest trend was for Jabba’s Palace aliens, which isn’t a big surprise considering how popular the cantina aliens were.
  • Though not what I consider eligible to be a minifig, the Rancor topped the list for creatures and would have placed 11th overall.
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn was extremely popular, as were a number of EU characters. I think there is a lot of potential there, unfortunately I don’t think we’ll ever see sets from EU unless it is current.

So with that, here is your top 25:

  1. Padme (any) – 164
  2. Queen Amidala (any) – 162
  3. Bith (Cantina Band) (Modal Nodes) – 143
  4. Ki Adi Mundi – 120
  5. 4-LOM – 117
  6. Zuckuss – 114
  7. Max Rebo – 93
  8. Momaw Nadon aka Hammerhead (Ithorian) – 88
  9. Grand Admiral Thrawn with ysalimiri – 85
  10. Ponda Baba (Aqualish) – 84
  11. Leia in Boushh Disguise – 73
  12. Kaminoan – 72
  13. Sy Snootles – 67
  14. Mara Jade – 66
  15. Oola – 65
  16. Bail Organa – 64
  17. Boss Nass – 62
  18. Droopy McCool – 59
  19. Jango Fett (updated) – 52
  20. Obi-Wan Kenobi (ghost) – 50
  21. Aunt Beru Lars (old) – 48
  22. Quinlan Vos – 44
  23. Salacious Crumb – 43
  24. Garindan – 41
  25. Joh Yowza – 39

You can view the complete list of suggestions here.

The 10 winners picked by random from the eligible entries are:

Tristan J.
Toronto, ON Canada

P.M. de Wildt
the Netherlands

Peter Norby
Cerrillos, NM

Wai-Leong Wong

Andrew White
Shelton, CT

Matt Dowd
South Bend, IN

Mike Somers
Champaign IL

Brent Jackson
Galesburg, IL

Leona Vicario

Ryan Williams
Jacksonville, AR

Congratulations to the 10 of you. And to everyone else, thank you for participating!