After giving up trying to calculate the precise algorithm to score the correct riptide and get admitted to the line at Gentle Giant, I wandered back to our fan booth to man it for a little bit. And guess who paid me a visit:

That’s Michonne Bourriague aka Aurra Sing and Amy Allen aka Aayla Secura. Yesterday, I was wandering the autograph section getting Jared some sigs, talked to them a little bit and invited them to come and check out the minifigs Jared made of their characters that were on display at our booth. So they came by today! They were so nice and friendly, it’s disarming. They thought the figs were fantastic. Of course, while they were there, I just had to indulge, just a little bit. If there’s any chance Amy and Michonne are reading this, I would just like to say thank you again for stopping by. =)

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