Captain America: Civil War, still shaping up to be Avengers 2.5 because it stars everyone not named Thor (unless perhaps Sharon is found worthy), and the information keeps rolling out. Principle shooting wrapped up a week or two ago, and while this isn’t “official” in the sense that it’s from Marvel, it’s been tweeted about by Jeremy Renner, and if Hawkeye thinks it’s cool, it’s obviously cool. You can see the art after the fold, because it’s slightly spoilery, unless, you know, you go with basic common sense and/or have read the comics. Except in one pretty surprising member of Team Drinks Too Much, that is…

Team Registration

For those who don’t know the whole Civil War storyline in the comic… basically some youngins’ got in over their heads, a few got killed and a school full of children got blown up (that’s a lot more tragic than the thousands that likely died in daycares and buildings in the various places the Avengers have fought around in the movies, because it was a school). Iron Man is very much pro-registration, Cap is very anti-registration, Spider-man takes off his mask and eventually brings the absolute worst story ever published into existence… and some people get shot.

War Machine and Vision being on Tony’s side is no surprise, and neither is Black Panther, because he’s one known for doing what’s best for his people even if it doesn’t make him a popular guy. The real shocker here is that Black Widow shows up on team “we have all the money and the guns and the super powers,” given her close relationship to Rogers. I smell a double agent…

Team Captain Something Something


Team blue stars Cap and Falcon, no surprise, and if you saw the stinger for Ant-Man, neither is Bucky. They kind of had him in a vice and all, so of course he was going to join. Hawkeye is a bit more of a surprise, since it never seemed like he had an ideology to back, it was just a job… and no one pictured here can sign his paychecks. The real surprise here is the addition of Sharon Carter, Peggy’s grand-daughter (probably) and someone who stood toe-to-toe with Hydra agents in Winter Soldier. For those wondering where Ant-Man is going to show-up… check out Hawkeye’s shoulder (I assume the rest of you already saw him).

All the Action

They’re still holding Spider-man’s position in the movies very close to the check, and no explanation for what that little bird thing in the background is. Redwing would be awesome, but there’s no indication that he has awesome bird-talking powers in the Cinematic universe. Of course, if Ant-Man has ant-talking powers, it could be that the technology has been adapted. If it has, I’m switching my allegiance to #teamredwing. That, or given that Spider-man is going to be in the movie it could likely be Normon Osborne and a nod to the glider, setting up his whole takeover of the Avengers, Secret Avengers, and eventually trying to invade Asgard (which would be the tie-in to make Thor: Ragnorok another ensemble movie like this).

Of course, there’s also talk that Spider-man will have a pretty substantial role in the movie, and since current rumors also say that Aunt May, played by Marisa Tomei, in which case I’ve always been on #teammycousinvinny. I’m also not buying that this will be a drop-out, huge fight that the comics really alluded to. There’s certainly some possibility for it, and there will likely be some hero-on-hero fights, as there have been in every Avenger-y movie. It’s just that the whole stinger at the end of Ant-Man seemed to say that it wasn’t a huge falling-out between the two sides, more that Tony took the side he did and wasn’t in a position to help Cap.

It is kind of curious that Cap is the one sporting the Avengers logo in all this art, though…