Earlier this week, Dicebreaker broke the news that the next chapter in the Pandemic Legacy series will be a prequel, Pandemic Legacy Season 0. The events of this game will be set before Season 1 and details the story of how it all started. Season 3 was the one that Pandemic fans have been waiting for. The game’s creator, Matt Leacock, stated that Season 3 is postponed due to the real-world pandemic and he wanted a more appropriate time to release it. That totally sounds like a lie because that didn’t stop him from announcing Season 0 or releasing Pandemic: Hot Zone – North America for that matter, and last I checked we’re still living with an unchecked virus. My guess is that Season 3 is far from being complete and my hope is that the story and/or game play mechanics are being tweaked and reworked so that it can be the best that it can be and live up to the Pandemic Legacy legacy.


No release date, price, or game play details have been shared other than this short teaser trailer. No matter, I got plenty of games to play through in the meantime.

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